<b>ASP</b><br/> 21 Friction Loc Sentry Baton - S21

21 Friction Loc Sentry Baton - S21


About This Product

Manufacturer: ASP

The distinctive Strike Force grip of the Sentry Baton is complemented by 4130 steel shafts and a black nickel finish. The Sentry Baton has an aluminum cap and aluminum base retaining clip.

Function of the Sentry Series is identical to that of ASP 4140 Friction Loc Batons. The design accepts all ASP Logo, Grip, Leverage and Lanyard caps. The Sentry is compatible with ASP BreakAway, Tactical Triad and Tactical Defender attachments. Sentry Batons may be carried in Duty, Federal or SideBreak Scabbards.

The 60 durometer Santoprene handle of the Sentry Baton provides a firm grip under the most adverse conditions. Designed for the security professional, the Sentry Series offers a moderately priced alternative to ASP Friction Loc expandables.

Restricted as a prohibited offensive weapon and requires ACT 235 certification to own.