<b>BLACKHAWK!</b><br/>Modular Drop Leg Platform

Modular Drop Leg Platform

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About This Product

Manufacturer: Blackhawk

Constructed of high density polymer, this versatile drop leg platform is designed to hold four of the CQC accessory carriers for lights, magazines, etc.

  • Dual non-slip BTS belt loop attachments
  • Y-configuration, heavy duty hanger straps with quick release
  • Platform constructed of high density polymer for comfort and flexibility
  • Removable 1.5 inch non-slip upper leg strap and 2 inch non-slip lower leg strap for maximum stability
  • Ventilated for increased air flow
  • Four accessory rails for CQC magazine or light carriers adjustable for height and orientation
  • S.T.R.I.K.E./MOLLE compatible