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SERPA Taser X-26 Holster

SERPA Taser X-26 Holster

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About This Product

Manufacturer: Blackhawk

The SERPA Active Retention System has now been adapted for the TASER X-26. This new design incorporates the Detachable Belt Loop developed by Blackhawk so that officers can exchange the TASER between shifts without having to remove other items from the duty belt. This holster fits all SERPA platforms, including duty belt loops, MOLLE, shoulder and tactical thigh platforms. The cross draw design and rock forward draw, versus traditional straight draw, help prevent confusing weapons under stress. The holster is even designed to automatically engage the safety when re-holstering the TASER.

The holster design stabilizes the X-26 even with the optional camera unit attached. The holster’s bottom is configured to block the probes in case of activation within the holster. The trigger and trigger guard are completely enclosed while the TASER is holstered.

  • Popular SERPA design adapted for TASERs with a cross draw design
  • Belt loop design allows officers to exchange TASER without removing other gear
  • Different draw than pistol holsters to help prevent confusion under stress
  • Belt loop also fits most duty belts
  • Design automatically engages safety when re-holstering
  • Available in matte-black, basketweave and plain black finishes
  • Designed to retain probes if activated while still in holster
  • Completely covered trigger when holstered
  • Taser fully stabilized even with camera unit attached
  • Fits all SERPA platforms: duty belt loops, MOLLE, Quick Disconnect, and Tactical Thigh Platforms