<b>STRONG Leather</b><br/>Tri-fold Hidden Badge Wallet - Dress

STRONG Leather
Tri-fold Hidden Badge Wallet - Dress

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About This Product

Manufacturer: Strong

This leather tri-fold dress badge wallet keeps your credentials hidden behind the credit card section until you need to show them. Six credit card slots, picture, and money sections.

Please choose your ID size from the drop down menu and enter your badge cutout code in the available text box.

Find the CODE FOR YOUR BADGE here.

The below listed badge cutouts are kept in inventory for immediate shipment.   All others will have to be special ordered for a 2-3 week time frame for delivery.

SC-015  SC-016  SC-018
SC-037  SC-055  SC-093
SC-114  SC-145  SC-194
SC-198  SC-346  SC-415
SC-725  SC-1114