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About This Product

Manufacturer: Agent X

The Earth Friendly Gun Cleaner, Lubricant, and Protectant that actually works!

AGENT X products were created by Firearms Instructors and Law Enforcement professionals who struggled for years with the realities of harsh weapon cleaning agents that made gun cleaning environmentally anti-social, unhealthy, and just plain miserable.

Every one of us who has the displeasure of cleaning weapons with fossil-based cleaning agents, has experienced their toxic effects. The fumes that permeate our homes and never seem to dissipate, the destruction of furniture, the unpleasant and harmful residue that can't be washed from our hands and clothes, are but a few destructive and dangerous caveats that plague the chore of cleaning weapons.

Many of us have tried alternative products that claim to work, only to be disappointed at the moment of truth. This disappointment, coupled with our intense desire to find a safe, honest, effective, and truly reliable cleaning agent, led to the development of AGENT X.

AGENT X cuts through carbon, removes lead and copper fouling, protects, and lubricates without the harmful side effects that we have all learned to hate with fossil based cleaning agents.

AGENT X products are proudly CREATED IN AMERICA by Law Enforcement and Military personnel, and other shooting professionals.