CTS 5 Series Launching Cup CTS 5 Series Launching Cup

CTS 5 Series Launching Cup

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About This Product

Manufacturer: CTS

Along with their line of canister grenades, CTS also produces a full line of launching cups and cartridges. The LC5 & LC6 launching cups are designed for the 52 & 62 series grenades respectively. The cups can be attached to virtually any 12ga shotgun, and the munitions launched with our Model 2600 and 3600 launching cartridge.

The LC8 launching cup has two basic purposes. One is to be a launching cup for the 82 Series Launched grenades, and the other is to be a stand-off for the Model 2570 Door Breaching round.

The LC9 Launching cup is designed to launch any of our 92 Series rubber ball grenades, with the use of the Model 2600 Launching Cartridge.

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