CTS Training Flash-Bang CTS Training Flash-Bang

CTS Training Flash-Bang

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About This Product

Manufacturer: CTS

The Model 7290T training system makes for excellent training scenarios. The system is built and weighs exactly the same as the Model 7290 Flash-Bang, but has no flash charge. The 7290T body is painted with a bright blue coating, and can be used an unlimited number of times. The M201FB fuse for this system has 10 times the output of a normal M201 fuse and it is threaded with a left hand thread so it can not be accidentally used in any other munitions. The Model 7290T produce an audible output of about 120db. The base contains a standard 3/8-16 UNC thread at its center allowing attachment of numerous accessories, including: Clamp, Stake, Eye Bolt or Magnet.

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