GUTH Labs  ULTRAP Mouthpiece GUTH Labs ULTRAP Mouthpiece

GUTH Labs ULTRAP Mouthpiece


About This Product

Manufacturer: Guth Laboratories

Guth ULTRAP Mouthpiece
The Guth patented mouthpiece contains several internal air passages and traps with baffles in the main body chamber to inhibit the flow of saliva and foreign material into the breath analyzer. Unit is designed with tapered ends and designed to fit the contour of the mouth, providing a positive lip seal. Material used for the Guth Ultrap Mouthpiece is crystal clear, virgin styrene with ultrasonically sealed seams and internal surfaces.

The general shape of the mouthpiece is round. The unit has an elliptical cross section, axial inlet and outlet tubes (in-line) to conform to the human mouth. The maximum diameter is 1.5 inches (38.10 mm). The overall length does not exceed 2.8 inches (71.12 mm). The dimension length includes inlet and outlet tubes.

The length of inlet and outlet tubes is no longer than .700 inches (17.79 mm) and maintains a wall thickness (typical) of .050 inches (1.27 mm). The outside diameter of inlet and outlet tubes taper from .240 inches (6.10 mm) to .368 inches (9.36 mm) accommodating a wide range of breath testers. The inside diameter restricts no more than .165 inches (4.19 mm).

Each Guth Ultrap Mouthpiece is sealed in a sanitary, plastic bag.