Glock Model 29SF Glock Model 29SF

Glock Model 29SF

Restricted Item.
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Fixed Polymer Sights (standard)

About This Product

Manufacturer: Glock

Superior versatility is available with this high-performance 10mm cartridge pistol: through reduced dimensions compared with the standard size Glock 20SF, the subcompact Glock 29SF is also suitable for concealed carry. In addition to the use as a backup weapon weapon for hunting, more and more security personnel on patrol appreciate the comfortable firing characteristics and the grip ergonomics of the Glock 29SF with a 10 round magazine capacity standard. Features a slimmer grip circumfrence than the standard Glock 29.

Available with Glock night sights, Glock steel front or rear sights, or Glock adjustable rear sights at an additional cost.

Pricing listed reflects individual officer purchase. If interested in departmental pricing, please call (412) 358-9660.

Our sale of blue label Glock firearms is restricted to only individuals and Agencies in PA and WV that have the proper first responder credentials.