Kleen Bore .223/5.56mm Chamber Brush Kleen Bore .223/5.56mm Chamber Brush

Kleen Bore .223/5.56mm Chamber Brush


About This Product

Manufacturer: Kleen Bore

KleenBore military-style brushes are designed specifically for M-16, AR-15, AK-47 and similar rifles. The chamber brush is configured with two diameters; the first stage of phosphor bronze cleans the chamber while the second stage of stainless steel cleans the bolt-lock area.

KleenBore Military-Style Bore Brush:

  • KleenBore military-style bore brushes feature core wire looped through a brass coupling that is threaded at #8-36
  • Bore brushes are made of phosphor bronze with a brass wire core for a longer life and more rigorous cleaning
  • Please note the #8-36 is not a commercial standard but will fit most KleenBore multi-section rods