Monadnock Hindi AutoLock Baton Cap Monadnock Hindi AutoLock Baton Cap

Monadnock Hindi AutoLock Baton Cap

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About This Product

Manufacturer: Monadnock

Tested and proven to be the most effective baton accessory to date. Hindi caps offer unparalleled advantages during physical altercations and are recommended by numerous police agencies, top trainers, and use-of-force experts.

Allows the hand to quickly identify and locate baton in holder while also providing a reliable baton grip to protect from slippage or loss during draw. Provides a better grip after the draw, before expanding the baton and allows for maximum retention while helping prevent baton loss when baton expands open.

  • Unsurpassed grip retention during momentum of baton swing or force of impact
  • Provides added length to baton, eliminating the standard method of choking up on the baton handle
  • Offers maximum striking power and increased leverage
  • Allows more consistency in striking distance and target accuracy
  • The unique design Hindi Baton Cap offers a safer, more effective striking capacity
  • Larger surface area produces a greater energy transfer for maximum striking effectiveness
  • Smooth, round surface will not penetrate, rip or tear the skin
  • Safer to the suspect without limiting the use of force
  • Safer, more effective striking alternative in the escalation or de-escalation of force