Safariland #295 Level II Duty Holster Safariland #295 Level II Duty Holster

Safariland #295 Level II Duty Holster

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About This Product

Manufacturer: Safariland

The Safariland Model 295 Mid-Ride Level II Retention duty holster has several advanced features. Designed primarily for gun retention and ease of draw, it is the perfect holster for making the transition from a revolver to a pistol.

Police officers are most familiar with its front unlocking draw, mid-ride, and straight drop cant. These features allow for a quick, easy draw and a familiar feel.

It has a front wraparound thumb break flap and an internal trigger guard lock that holds the weapon firmly in the holster with two clamp-like injection molded fingers. This trigger guard locking device, combined with the wrap around retaining flap provides optimum weapon retention and stability.

The rigid Safariland UBL anchors the holster and stabilizes it on the duty belt with hardened aerospace fasteners. The holster and belt become one unit, keeping the 295 firmly in place as the weapon is drawn.

The 295 features wraparound construction of the thermal-molded SafariLaminate materials. The weapon will still fit snugly after rigorous daily use. It also has a molded sight track and is fully lined with soft SafariSuede to protect the finish on any weapon.

Available in Plain Black, Basket Weave, or Hi-Gloss finishes.