Speer 40S&W 180 gr. Lawman Clean-Fire Speer 40S&W 180 gr. Lawman Clean-Fire

Speer 40S&W 180 gr. Lawman Clean-Fire

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For a shooter, the main exposures to the heavy metals lead, barium, and antimony are at the firing point. The most significant is the lead residue emitted from the primer. Lawman Clean-Fire ammunition virtually eliminates lead generated at the firing point by combining a TMJ bullet with a priming mixture that contains no lead, barium or antimony. Clean-Fire ammunition is loaded with the same double-base propellants as conventional primed ammunition. Copper plating through our production process forms a pure copper jacket which totally encases the lead core. This is more than a mere copper flash or copper wash. The Clean-Fire TMJ bullets get a uniform jacket applied electrochemically, one molecule at a time. The final step is a second swaging of the bullet for greater accuracy. Clean-Fire ammunition delivers the same level of performance, function and accuracy as standard ammunition.

Available in case quantity.
Caliber / Weight: 40S&W/180GR
Bullet Style: Lawman Clean-Fire
Quantity per Box: 50rds/bx