TacticalKlips TMK+TRK - Mic Klip & Radio Klip Combo TacticalKlips TMK+TRK - Mic Klip & Radio Klip Combo

TacticalKlips TMK+TRK - Mic Klip & Radio Klip Combo


About This Product

Manufacturer: TacticalKlips

Securely attaches your microphone to your uniform.

The TMK was invented to solve the problem of how to safely and professionally attach the portable microphone to the uniform so that it doesn't fall off.

The Tactical Radio Klip, or TRK , is compatible with most portable radios and walkie-talkies in use today; including Motorola, Harris, Kenwood, and Midland, to name a few. The TRK also works well with many other portable devices that utilize a clip on the back.

Regardless of how you carry it, your portable radio is arguably the most important piece of equipment you carry. However, it needs to be easily accessible and ready to use at all times. The TRK allows you the ability to easily remove and replace your portable radio from your belt, without having to turn the radio upside-down. The TRK also allows for easy access to the speaker and keypad because there is no bulky holster covering the device.
Your radio doesn't work if you don't have it with you. No longer a concern of tearing your pants pockets, or leaving your radio in the car, or on your desk. Easily access your radio at all times; on the street, in your car, or sitting in your favorite chair, your radio will always be there.
The TRK was invented by the same law enforcement officer that invented the Tactical Mic Klip . Use them together for a complete portable communication retention system.