For nearly 45 years, Markl Supply Company has been dedicated to supplying quality equipment to America's law enforcement and correctional community. Still family-owned and operated, the company remains committed to distributing only to law enforcement agencies, correctional departments and their officers. In this age of electronic ordering, it is still possible to talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members about the equipment that we sell.

As a fledgling company in 1967, Lee and Regis Markl were quick to realize the value of their first product, Chemical Mace, in the field of law enforcement. Again in 1972, the company responded to an idea of a little-known inventor in Michigan by the name of Richard Davis who had recently started his own company, Second Chance Body Armor. The wisdom of this decision was born-out with the recording of our first "save" less than two years later. Today, Markl Supply Company remains the oldest and one of the largest distributors of Second Chance Body Armor in the United States. More importantly, we are immensely proud of the fact that a large number of officers are still alive today because they were given a "second chance" by the body armor that came from our company.

Today, we have entered our fifth decade of working with the law enforcement and correctional communities and we have forged strong relationships with many of our other suppliers such as Glock, Safariland and Gould & Goodrich. This cooperation between manufacturer and distributor has allowed us to respond in a much timelier fashion to the needs of our customers. And, as always, the one fact that is never forgotten at our company is that we are dependent on the trust of America's law enforcement and correctional officers, and we will remain committed to seeing that we never break that sacred bond.